17 May 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Clear the Air with the Forest Anion USB Ionizer

 May 2010         Paul McCollum

While there’s really no substitute for fresh air, Carrefour Singapore gives you the next best thing with it’s Forest Anion USB Ionizer. Perfect for travelers, this USB dongle plugs into any USB power source and releases a barrage of negatively charged particles. These particles attack airborne particles and allergens like smoke, dust and dander rendering them effectively harmless and odorless. This effectively cleans your air removing distasteful smells like smoke and cleaning products from your environment helping you breathe and sleep easier.

While this technology isn’t exactly FDA confirmed, it is quite popular and has been known to help allergy sufferers tolerate some things. This flash drive-sized air purifier also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter that will allow you to use it in your car as well as next to a computer. A perfect companion for the constant assault on the senses you must endure while traveling. Rental cars never smell quite right and hotel rooms can also drive you just a little bit batty. Plug in one of these guys and take the edge off. They will retail for $19.99 including the adapter and should be available for order now. Check out the video for a great demonstration of it’s ability to clear up cigarette smoke. Video demo after the jump.

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