29 April 2012, Comments: Comments Off on USB Tin Can – Childhood Toy Reinvented in the Digital Age

 April 2012         Anthony Garland

As anyone who grew up before the electronic revolution knows there was a time when a string and two tin cans was the absolute pinnacle of telecommunications technology. Yes, stringing a long piece of twine up to your tree house was the way to communicate the secret password to your club members. Those days are of course long gone and with the advent of cheap “burner phones” even kids too young to have a cell phone… probably already have one. Well, “The Can” may not bring about another revolution but it may bring back memories of a simpler time.

In what is a very ingenious twist, the “The Can” is the perfect fusion of old string & can and modern tech. The exterior of the “The Can” is of course a recycled tin can, but instead of it being empty and relying upon vibrations to transmit your voice to a second can, the inside of this can has a microphone and speaker built in. Also, instead of a string at the base, there is a USB cable which obviously is not attached to second can but to your computer. Through Skype, you can use “The Can” to phone your friends and brag that you are using the cutting edge of 50s technology to talk to them over VoIP. Whether or not “The Can” garners enough support and actually enters into production is another story, but never underestimate the power of nostalgia. For only $17, you too can reserve your own DIY version of “The Can”.

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