ATP EarthDrive - World's First Biodegradable Flash Drive

26 April 2012
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Author: Anthony Garland
26 April 2012, Comments: 0

E-waste and the amount we as a society create is becoming a major concern. Every year, more plastic clad devices are thrown out and left to sit in landfills for generations to come. This is why the ATP EarthDrive USB 2.0 flash drive is so interesting as it not only is made of biodegradable PLA – Polylactic acid – but is also built not to easily break in the first place. The eco-friendly flash drive not only has a retractable connection port to protect the delicate connectors when not in use, but it is also water, dust and shockproof.

ATP is vague on the details of how shockproof or waterproof the ATP EarthDrive is, but considering most devices in this price range, don’t even pretend this to be a major point in the ATP EarthDrive’s favour. Even better still is a portion of the $20 goes towards planting trees. It may not be the largestfastest or the most durable we have ever heard of but this does sound like a winner to us, particularly if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.