Dream Cheeky USB LED Message Board to Spice up Your Cubicle

2 May 2012
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Author: Anthony Garland
2 May 2012, Comments: 0

Have you ever wanted to own your own billboard but didn’t have the room or money to justify it? Or maybe you are like most people and use, but loathe – post-it notes but can’t find something better or easier to replace them with? Well then, the Dream Cheeky LED message board may just be tailored made for your needs.

The USB LED message board may only be 5.5 x 8.5 x 2cm in size, but it is packed with kitschy goodness. Not only does this cute little toy have room for up to 12 bitmap images (i.e. 12 custom messages) but you can also customize how those images appear via 5 scrolling modes, 8 speeds and even 3 brightness levels. Where it is USB 2.0 enabled, the Dream Cheeky LED message board is also extremely easy to setup and requires no batteries as it draws all its power from a single USB port. With a price of only $24.99, this may just be what you need to get rid of those sticky little notes from hell.