21 March 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Sonic Alert 2: A Message Screener for the 21st Century

 March 2013         Anthony Garland

What is sure to be of interest for many telecommuters is the Sonic-connect 2, by Sonic Alert. In a nut shell, it is a handy little USB gadget which allows consumers the freedom to not be directly at their computer at all times, without worrying about a missed conference call, email or instant message.

All you need do is have the software installed, and the Sonic-connect 2 gets to work monitoring your email, instant messaging and even Skype programs. When a new email, instant message or VoIP request comes in, the device will alert you via either it built in vibrator, speaker or even by flashing the integrated white or red LEDs. While visually and audibly alerting you, the software will also open up a new pop-up window so you can easily see who, what and where the new message originates. Best of all, you can configure the software to only alert you if someone important is trying to contact you or if an important message is waiting for you. So you don’t have to worry about missing an important call, while still not be interrupted over a mundane ‘lolcat’ new email from friends.

The only possible caveat with the nifty little gadget is that you will still have to be fairly close by. The Sonic-connect 2 has a rather short cord and we doubt the built in ringer and flashing lights will get your attention if you are more than a room or two away. Worse still this $50 device is Windows only so Apple users need not apply.

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