5 October 2012, Comments: 0

 October 2012         Ian Chiu

Austria-based Swarovski is a brand that is quite appealing among women. While its crystals have made their way into earbuds, iPhone cases, flash drives and etc., they are targeted squarely at female geeks. Well, times have changed. The luxury brand now believes it should also also target the opposite gender group, starting with this USB bracelet.

According to Swarovski, this sporty bracelet crafted in black rubber is decorated with 10 Jet Hematite crystals on its stainless steel centerpiece, which is also where you will find the hidden flash drive. However, we would appreciate if there’s another picture hinting how the opening mechanism works to reveal the 16GB key. As of this writing, you won’t be able to find this anywhere but Swarovski’s online shop so if need to get hold of one of these, you have no choice but to pay the full price of $175.

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